Saturday, 11 May 2013

Some Wonderful Artists

A few months ago, BFTF attention was drawn to a wall calender at work in which each month was illustrated by a, often beautiful, painting.

Finding common ground with the wider artistic community is not something that Muslim organisations tend to devote any time towards, which is a shame as it means that this important avenue to finding common ground is left unexplored,

BFTF noted that many of the paintings were landscapes and so should be perfectly acceptable from an Islamic viewpoint- so made a list of the artists for later blogging.

This is that blog post...

Simon Bull
Simon gained recognition early on in his career for his detailed etchings and watercolors, but in the early nineties the artist developed and began using bold colors and a more gestural painting style. This transition signaled a major turning point for Bull who has since been characterized as a colorist. He has held exhibitions throughout Great Britain and in cities ranging from Amsterdam to Hong Kong and currently lives and paints from his studio in the Monterey Bay area of California.
Bright Morning Dew (used with permission from

Bob Rudd
Sufoolk born artist Bob Rudd paints beautiful landscapes, and has been exhibited in the new parliamentary buildings at Westminster and the House of Lords.

Carole Baker
Carole trained as a Graphic Designer and ran her own business in design and marketing for 18 years before becoming a painter full time in 2002. Her vibrant landscapes have been exhibited in gallery shows and open exhibitions throughout the UK.

"Bright Secret",  used by kind permission of Carole Baker

Peter Graham
Peter's work is often related to the Modern Scottish School but Peter has a flamboyant style which is unique, - detailed brush work combined with loose fluid strokes creating vibrant contrasts of pure colour, line and tone.

Jeremy Barlow
Jeremy Barlow paints evocative scences of subjects ranging from sun-dappled avenues to busy boulevard cafes, weathered and intriguing shop fronts to quiet provincial villages. He has been exhibited at the Royal Academy and numerous major art galleries.

Ann Blockley
Ann is inspired by flowers and nature, inspired by the gardens and countryside close to her Cotswold studio. Her work is exhibited in galleries throughout UK.

"Foxglove Cottage", used with kimd permission of Anne Blockley

Godfrey Tonks
Bright, bold landscapes are the signature works of Godrey Tonks.

Bryan Ryder
Former architect Brian nearly always paints landscapes using a distinctive style combining an impressionist and semi abstract technique, trying to capture his passion for an atmospheric feel to his work. He has exhibited in many Galleries in East Anglia, the Cotswolds, Isle of Wight and London. Originally from North London Brian now lives in Wells-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk.

Lachlan Goodie
Lachlan paints some hautingly beautiful landscapes and cityscapes, somehow conveying a great deal of emotion in a very few brushstrokes.

'Summer day's harvest' (click to enlarge) Image by kind permission of Lachlan Goudie

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