Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nottingham Unity Gathering

A "Nottingham Unity Gathering" was held recently at the Kashmir Centre in Seinton, Nottingham.

The event was arranged by Nottingham Citizens, Himmah and Karimia - and was supported by Muslim Hands, PAK Foods and Medina Superstore.

The gathering brought together over 100 Muslims and 100 Non-Muslims, all from a wide variety of backgrounds, and from organisations including faith groups, schools and trade unions with the aim of showing solidarity against extremism following the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London.

An impressive turnout, from a wide section of Nottinghams communities

Speakers included the Rev Karen Rooms, from Nottingham Citizens and Dr Musharraf Hussein, Imam at the Karimia Institute.

Dr Hussein commented that the Muslim community "condemn this brutal attack on his life" adding that he had "faith in my country's resilience"

He also had messages for the Muslim community and for the wider society.

To the Muslim community Dr Hussein said "We must not be in denial of having extremists, religious fanatics and criminals in our midst" adding that their ideologies needed to be challenged and condemned. He also said that the Muslim community needed to "demonstrate passionately out loyalty to out country" and pointed that this did not mean automatic support of any particular governement or policy. And in an example of how the members of the Muslim community have deep and interwoven ties to many of the UK's institutions, Dr Hussein described how his grandfather had fought for the UK in the trenches of France during WW1.

To the wider society, Dr Hussein asked that they "Please don't associate the whole community with that crime"

Thought provoking stuff from the speakers

After the speeches, the audience had the opportunity to talk to each other, Muslim to non-Muslim, about what they held dear about living in Nottingham and also what they could do to make Nottingham a society that was truly peaceful diverse and democratic

A Nottingham Post report on the event can be found here

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