Thursday, 30 May 2013

May 2013 - Updates and past posts

BFTF is conscious that those of you who keep up with the blog via email notifications will not be aware of the many updates that posts are given (as the email engine on blogger only sends out notifications when the post is first published, not if it is subsequently updated.

And the other thing that has been preying of BFTF's mind is that there is now quite a lot of archive material on the blog, much of which is as valid today as when it was written.

So, this is the second in what will hopefully become a monthly post summarising what updates have happened over the last four weeks or so, and also looking back on the most interesting posts from this month in previous years

Updates this month
04 May : Halfords still won't say whether they treat workers in Cambodia fairly

06 May : Still no response from local Masjid on inclusion of a Gift Aid section on donation forms

11 May : Proving to be Hard Work getting engagement from Council on combating Domestic Violence

15 May : Some more information on the "Amazon, I can't shop with you anymore" post

16 May : Another example of how activism really can make a difference.

25 May : The 92nd Nottingham Scouts have made two ginormous "Thank You" cards for two UoN researchers who talked about Chemistry, Geology knots

29 May : Response from Government on the "change in cicumstances" delays

29 May : Would the current Labour leadership have taken the UK into the Iraq war? An answer from a local MP (see end)

29 May : Some interesting info in the latest NG7 Foodbank update

Interesting posts from previous years

2012 : Prof Ian Shaw on the NHS Bill

2012 : Booing that National Anthem

2012 : What do we REALLY want?

2011 : Reclaiming Islam (3 parts)

2011 : Framing the Debate (2 parts)

2011 : Elf and Safety in the Media

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