Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mad Pepsi pricing at Tesco

BFTF happened to pop into a Tesco supermarked recently with the intention of buying a relatively small amount of Pepsi / Coke for Mrs BFTF.

Being conscious that cola isn't good for you, and that an opened bottle quickly drains itself, BFTF wanted to buy about a litre - and was gobsmacked to find that a 1 litre bottle of Pepsi cost £1.49, whilst a 2 litre bottle - that's twice as much - cost only 89p.

What kind of pricing madness is this?

It certainly flies in the face of attempts by many people (and indeed of the government) to try and limit intake of sugary drinks.

There is such a thing as human nature - and Tesco are playing with it in a very cynical fashion here.

BFTF is not impressed and has asked Tesco to either double the price of the two litre bottles, or half the price of the 1 litre ones. Either measure is likely to have a positive health outcome.

Bonkers Pepsi pricing at Tesco

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