Saturday, 25 May 2013

How BFTF reacts to product packaging messages

A couple of weeks ago, BFTF's ears pricked up on hearing a TV advert for a Birds Eye Fish product being stocked at Sainsburys - because the advert said the product was "MSC certified". So, the next time BFTF was at that store, and after checking out the packaging, BFTF bought a couple of packets.

The product is "Birds Eye Large Haddock Fillets in Harry Ramsdens Famous Batter"

So, more a novel than a product name.

But anyway, they were rather delicious. BFTF is likely to buy more.

As the product packaging had a lot of messages, BFTF thought it might be interesting to list them out and estimate how much of a part they played in BFTF actually buying this product

The part different packaging messages play in BFTF's
purchasing decision (click to enlarge)

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