Monday, 6 May 2013

Graffiti Walls

BFTF happened to take some small people to the wonderful Ashcroft Road Recreation Ground in Luton recently and was intrigued by the "Graffiti Wall" that was present there. BFTF took a picture of it on the Saturday:

How the wall looked on Saturday

Returning to the park on Sunday, BFTF was surprised to see that the kids had stopped dead in their dash for the playground and were watching a chap spraypainting graffiti on the parks graffiti wall.

Paul Kemp had already been busy for some time on Sunday morning

BFTF was equally mesmerised and asked the artist whether he had and kind of Facebook page etc showcasing his workabout his work. It turned out that his name was Paul Kemp and he did graffiti purely as a form or recreaction, with his day job being Creative Director at the "Dephect" clothing company.

Paul commented that there were quite a few graffiti walls around and that artwork on this particular one would usually last longer than works on some other walls, especially in London.

BFTF asked him whether he wasn't gutted to find that someone else had painted over his rather groovy designs after only a day or two. Paul shrugged his shoulders and said that was just part of the game. BFTF is not sure he would be so relaxed !

Paul's, rather awesome, finished wall

A detail from the wall

A bit of digging on the Interweb suggests that graffiti walls have recently been banned in Nottingham (!)

Some other links worth looking at if this had piqued your interest in graffiti (it has certainly made BFTF wonder where he could have a go) are :

Urban Canvas - who create street art

Street Art in London - some great stuff here

Urban Damage -examples of some very high quality street art and graffiti

Update May 2014
Happened to visit the Ashcroft Rec Graffiti Wall this Bank Holiday Weekend and saw these examples of artistic awesomeness, although BFTF has not been able to figure out what any of these actually say, and hopes it isn't anything post watershed. Respect to the artists (whoever they are!):

Update Jun2014
Saw this rather awesome mural at the Great Notts Bike Ride....

Awesome mural at the 2014 Great Notts Ride

Update May 2016
Been meaning to get a picture of this mural in Forest Fields for a while now....

Mural in Forest Fields, Nottingham

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