Monday, 1 April 2013

Himmah Volunteers Open Day

Himmah, the grass-roots social action organisation working in Nottingham, held a Volunteers Open Day recently at their new premises on at Unit 2 on Hubert Street recently.

The event was a great opportunity for volunteers to meet each other and for the team to review the (rather impressive) range of activities that Himmah are involved in.

To start being a part of work that is fulfilling the Islamic duty to help ones neighbour - contact Sajid on 07786 333929 or Farzana on 07590258902 for more information.

The Direct Services that Himmah are involved in include...

The Himmah Foodbank works with a number of other foodbanks, referral agencies and other organisations to provide emergency food aid to those in need in Nottingham (see also here).
Volunteers needed on Wednesdays 6-9pm to pack food and serve to those accessing the foodbank. Roles on other days may be possible

The Big Supper is a monthly event that provides a hot meal and chance to socialise for some of Nottingham's homeless.
Six Volunteers needed to cook and serve food at these events (training provided). Times 9am-2pm on the last Saturday in every month.

Housing - Himmah have access to a house and are currently housing a destitute family who have a child with medical needs there.

Ex-Offenders Programme. Funding has recently been cut from work that Himmah, together with other agencies, was undertaking with easing the integration of ex-offenders back into society, but there is a wish to resume this work in the future.

"Organising" projects that Himmah are involved in include...

Nottingham Citizens are an organisation that Himmah has a heavy involvement with, and are active on a number of fronts including ensuring that Council employees are paid a living wage, improving child safety during journeys home from school and ensuring that "stop and search" is not used disproportionately on BME communities. (see also here, and here)

Internal Muslim Community Capacity Building is work that is trying to improve the level of communication between Muslim organisations in Nottingham

Himmah is involved in organising a number of projects that aim to ensure the future leaders in the Muslim community have a basic grounding in their faith, including its social action components.

Other projects that Himmah are involved in include...

Arts Events are something that Himmah has had particular success in and some exciting events are planned for the future.(see here, here
Reliable volunteers needed to help plan, organise and help-on-the-day with future events

The Womens Co-ordinator is involved in projects including campaigning against domestic violence particularly after a key report is issued in June.

Marketing and Funding is an area that also needs resourcing.

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