Saturday, 30 March 2013

The difference between girls and boys

BFTF is the parent of three wonderful boys, each with his own very distict character.

And BFTF is also uncle to two nieces.

And the differences between these two groups never cease to amaze BFTF !

In particular, two incidents caught BFTF's attention

Firstly, BFTF long ago realised that books were not the ideal gift for any of the boys, and that getting them to read anything is always a challenge. But was delighted to find that No1Niece was pleased with a Jacqueline Wilson book that BFTF bought for her and that she started reading, entirely voluntarily, the very same day!

And secondly, BFTF also realised long ago that (with the possible occasional exception of No3 Son), the boys are unlikely to write any kind of prose of story unless they have to. So it was with amazement that BFTF watched No2 Niece writing a short story, just because she wanted to, about a trip to the park.

BFTF was so amazed that it took a picture as evidence....

A story! by No2 Niece!

Dear reader, you will not be at all surprised to hear that both nieces are doing very well at school and have impeccable handwriting.

Now of course, the difference between the the boys and girls shown here may be due less to their respective genders than to quality of parenting that they have received.

We can test for this by watching what happens to the toddler brothers that the neices have.

Expect an update sometime in 2019

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