Friday, 15 March 2013

Positive portrayals of Muslims in the Media

Comic Relief-BBC1-Thur 14th March
A sketch by Peter Kay featured himself doing his bit for Comic Relief by travelling the country while sat on a Sofa that was pulled, somewhat unexpectedly, by a team of dwarves. In one part of the sketch, when he was feeling low due to the toll his excertions were taking on his body, he was given a pep-talk by his wife - who was portrayed as an Urdu speaking Muslim lady who wore the niqab (face veil).

BFTF is not a fan of the Niqab but it was great to see a characters "Muslimness" being simply part of who they were and not some kind of plot point that leads to a story about domestic violence, extremism or illegal immigration.

And so it was with happiness that BFTF sent off an email to the BBC saying well done for this.

EastEnders - Winter 2012/3
A story that ran through the Winter of 2012/3 was that of Ayesha Rana and her potential arranged marriage to suitor Rashid. It says something about the typcial portrayal of Muslims on TV drama that, in this case, it was a relief to see that the marriage was not used as a lead into a story about a manipulative male, illegal immigration or forced marriage. And it was good to see some aspects of Asian-Muslim culture getting some air time, including, if BFTF is not mistaken, the traditional Islamic greeting "Assalamu alaikum" (Peace be upon you).

Keen to encourage the Muslims as human beings and not as terrorists, BFTF sent an email to the BBC saying thank you for this storyline

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