Saturday, 30 March 2013

Janet and John and the Dead Dog

BFTF was walking into town with No1 and No3 sons recently when, suddenly, BFTF called everyone to a halt and said "Look at that poster !!"

Dog Is Dead - It's the 1970's, here today!

"What about it?" the boys asked.

"It's in the style of Janet and John books from the 1970s" exclaimed BFTF

"?" said the boys

"Look at the styling, the colours, the characters - it looks like it is aiming at people like me" explained BFTF

"OK. Can carry on now?" said No1 son, clearly not that impressed.

Realising that this particular horse was dead and lying in a mobsters bed (a reference which would also have gone clean over their heads), BFTF carried on with the journey.

But for the rest of the day, the poster kept on popping into BFTF's head and it was fascinating to see how powerfully it relit schooltime memories from decades previously.

And BFTF also wondered what messages adverts had been going over BFTF's head when he was a child...

Note : You probably already know this, but "Dog Is Dead" is a West Bridgeford based indie band

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