Saturday, 2 March 2013

How practical action helps the Muslim community

A local Muslim organisation recently put out a call for comments and ideas on a range of issues. BFTF was one of those who responded, with comments that included the following.

In answer to the question : How can we encourage our youth to attend and support our Masjids?
Firstly, speak English. Secondly, talk not only about the theoretical aspects of Islam - but also about how they relate to the practical lives of the community. Thirdly, give concrete examples of Islamic behaviour that YOU ARE ACTUALLY PRACTICING. For example:
In regard to combating combating Islamophobia
In regard to the environment and also this
In giving praise not just criticism
In challenging misinformation
In supporting “Islamic” orgs such as the NHS
In engaging with the arts where appropriate
In challenging Muslim authorities when they are wrong.
In showing how activism can achieve positive results
To highlight good Muslim orgs

In answer to the question : How can we use the skills of practical dawah to support our local communities?
Before you get to Dawah, you need to convince the wider society that you are human. You need to combat the accusations (which have some truth in them) that the Muslim community is only interested in a narrow range of issues that affect it (e.g. halal food), that it is intolerant and that it is anti-reason and anti-science. Examples of how practical action can combat these are shown below :
In supporting the work of Notts Uni’s and also this
Interviewing researchers at Notts Universities
In supporting “common ground” activities
In engaging arts here appropriate
In challenging on issues that are not narrowly “Islamic”

BFTF also mentioned this report by Notts Council that describes the dydfunctionality of the Muslim community in Nottingham.

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