Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Contrary to common thought...

This post is intended to be a home for various articles in which Muslim scholars comment on issues where the Muslim community has, basically, lost the plot.

02Jan13 : The Islam women were promised
An article by Musa Furber comments, with sadness, on how some Muslim majority societies betray the human rights of assualted women by pressuring them to marry their rapists. He states:

"When I read of these cases I am always left baffled at how Muslims can support allowing a rapist to obtain a pardon by marrying his victim, often by pressuring their victims and their families to cooperate. As a specialist in Islamic law, I know that these cases are egregious violations of what Islam teaches on the rights of victims, the definition of justice and the meaning of marriage"...

"Compelling a rape victim to marry her rapist (alleged or convicted)...forces her to live in a relationship that is based upon hatred, alienation, violation and abuse, and it rewards her attacker for his violence..."

"There is something deeply wrong when a Muslim society views the shame of a single rape to outweigh facilitating the spread of corruption and the wrongful taking of life. . These tragically frequent stories of women violated over and over again can only be described as the perversion of Islam, unfortunately, by Muslims themselves."

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