Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Challenging Fire Angel on paper sustainability

BFTF recently had cause to buy a carbon monoxide detector which happened to be made by a company called FireAngel, and BFTF fully expects it to be high quality product that gives years of reliable service.

FireAngel packaging

Having said that, and with a "sustainability" hat on, BFTF could not help but notice that, on the back of the packaging the following statement:
"Green Product Initiative. The planet has been considered at every juncture of this alarms development."

Green Product Initiative Statement

and that there seemed to be no indication that the card packaging was made from made using sustainably sourced cardstock (e.g. recycled or FSC certified), nor did a search of the FireAngel website find any mention of the "Green Product Initiative".

FireAngel packaging

So BFTF sent the following email to the company via their No cigar, as it were, on the website:
I recently bought two of your Carbon Monoxide detectors and note that FireAngel has a "Green Product Initiative". However, I am struggling to see any evidence on the card packaging that it has been made using sustainably sourced card (e.g. recycled or FSC certified)

Using sustainably sourced card is one of the easiest ways to reduce the environmental impact of packaging material - and is so easy to do that even supermarket till receipts use FSC certified paper!

I am sure that your already have this covered and hope that you can confirm that your card packaging is indeed made from sustainably sourced card (e.g. recycled or FSC certified).

Update 03Jan13: Received a prompt and rather encouraging email response from FireAngel. Somewhat surprisingly, they have found this blog and left the same response in the comments section below. If BFTF remembers (and the liklihood is that it will), this issue is perhaps worth chasing up in a few months time.

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  1. Hi Ash,

    Thanks for your question.

    We are always looking at methods to reduce our impact on the environment.

    What you have identified is our green ‘product’ initiative. This means that when we’re designing new products we consider methods to reduce our environmental effect.
    In the instance of the product you bought, we reduced the amount of plastic used to manufacture it compared to the previous model. This resulted in a more environmentally friendly solution. This reduction also resulted in more efficient transportation of the product.

    I agree with your comment about FSC paper for the packaging element, and we are currently in negotiations with our suppliers to action this in the future.