Monday, 3 December 2012

Marvellous Muslim Movember Moustache

With intensionally inflammatory words written weekly regarding Muslims..
...It's important articles articulating an alternative view are written.

So it was with great and gleeful gratitude...
...That BFTF heard about a Majid's Marvellous Muslim Movember Moustache.

It was grown to generate generous donations of dollars, dinars and dosh..
...To support real and relavant reseach into preventing many male cancers.

That research could bring transformative treatments to men in all sections of society...
...A picture of the perfectly pruned chin is contained below...

Majids Marvellous Movember Moustache

Congratulations to Majid on a magnificent and magnanimous gesture, which as well as helping heroes heal may also show the Muslims can make a difference for the mainstream.

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