Saturday, 1 December 2012

How it looked and how it was.

Just a short post of an experience BFTF had today. It has some relevance to situations where one party accuses another of being dishonest, duplicitous or working with a divisive agenda.

How it might have looked from the Imams perspective.
Earlier this year, BFTF attended a particular monthly social event that is held at the Mosque but has not attended again. I have nudged him a few times to attend again and he has said that he would. Just before the most recent event he texted me to say that he would be away from Nottingham at the time of the next event so could not attend - but I happended to drive past his house on the way to the event and his car was clearly there.

I'm really disappointed. I wish he had said he didn't want to attend rather than giving a fake reason. I thought be was a really honest bloke and this has made me doubt that he is.

How it really did happed from BFTF's perspective.
BFTF has wanted to attend a number of these events over the last few months but has had other engagements, that could not be avoided, each time. In the most recent case, BFTF genuinely expected to be away from Nottingham, but had to postpone the trip because No1 Son and Mrs BFTF had both came down really badly with flu so needed looking after.

Note : Just to be absolutely clear, the Imam in this case is an absolutely great chap, BFTF does not know what he is thinking and he probably didn't drive by BFTF's house.

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