Saturday, 8 December 2012

Gift Aid on Mosque Donations

BFTF was talking with an Imam earlier this year who mentioned that donations to that partcular mosque were down, presumably due to the tough ecomic climate.

BFTF pointed out that one way of increasing income was to ensure that people were donating on a regualar basis via standing orders and that the mosque was taking full advantage of the Gift Aid scheme. The Imam agreed that this was something the mosque needed to improve its act on.

And, in due course, a letter landed on BFTF's doorstep (along with, presumably, the doorsteps of other mosque-goers) asking that BFTF set up a standing order to allow regular donations.

But there was no Gift Aid box, something that would allow the mosque to increase donations by some 25% if the donor filled it in .

So BFTF sent the mosque a template form with the Gift Aid components on and asked :

1) Does the mosque intend to have a "Gift Aid" section in the form when contacting donors in the future?

2) Of the money that the mosque is receiving via Standing Orders, how much (as a percentage) is it currently claiming back as Gift Aid?

BFTF didn't receive any response from the mosque so chased up in September and again in December.

Standing Order Form including Gift Aid Statement

UPDATE 09 Dec 12
A few points :
i) Received email from the mosque saying that they were in the process of updating their standing order forms to include a Gift Aid statement.
ii) Someone has pointed out that the template above may not fulfill all the legal requirements.
iii) One other aspect of this issue that BFTF discussed with the Imam was the the mosque did not interact or acknowledge, in any way, the donations that people were giving by standing order. There was no thank you, no annual update, no newsletter, no seeking of views, no nothing. BFTF suggested that this was not a good way to encourage existing donors to increase their donations, or to gove them a feeling that they were stakeholders in the mosque.

Chased up mosque asking whether they now included a gift aid section on their standing orders on 15th March, 29th March and 6th May, so far without response.

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