Thursday, 29 November 2012

Palestine recognised as a State at the UN

Palestine today achieved recognition as a non-member State at the UN - a momentous achievement.

But far from supporting this, the UK government abstained - you can read about the lead up to the Vote, the responses of the UK Government to BFTF's questions on the issue, and how some local mosques actively campaigned to support the recognition of Palestine at the UN - here

You can read an article about the vote itself in the Guardian here

Many things follow from this event, the first being this:

Email to local Conservative Party:
Just wanted to let you know how dissapointed I was to see the UK abstain from the vote on Palestinian statehood - and willfully muddy the water by linking it to Arab-Israeli negotiations. These would be the "negotiations" which Israel simply does want to bear fruit, as evidenced, for example in an article by Jonathan Friedland, where to quotes a senior Israeli official as saying "Negotiations are good, results are bad."

I would remind you of the part the UK has played in creating the current conflict in the middle east, regarding wihich Jack Straw has commented that ""A lot of the problems we are having to deal with now. . . are a consequence of our colonial past"

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