Friday, 5 October 2012

FSC in some toys at Tesco

BFTF had cause to buy some presnts for small children recently, and found himself at Tesco wondering what would fit the bill.

As a believer that you can't beat the classics, a Tesco own brand "Wooden Hammering Bench" seemed like a candidate for purchase...

Tesco "Carousel" Wooden Hammering Bench

... and seeing that it was made with FSC certifed wood was enough to make BFTF's mind up that this was a definite "buy".

Good to see that FSC logo!

But BFTF needed a second present too, and ended up buying this rather nifty Fire Engine...

A Fire Engine !

...whose packaging BFTF noted wasn't made from FSC certified or recyled paper.

But the packaging does not appear to FSC/recycled card. . .

All of which resulted in this email to Tesco:

"I have recently bought two toys from Tesco ("Carousel Press and Go Fire Engine" and "Carousel Wooden Hammering Bench"). I wanted to say thank you for ensuring that the Hammering Bench was made from FSC certified wood as this was a key factor in my purchase of this - I cannot encourage you enough to use FSC or recycled paper in as many products as possible as this is a sure way to attract my custom. I have one question, however. Is the card and paper packaging for Carousel toy products made from FSC or recycled material and, if not, when do you think it will be?"

By the way, watch your fingers when a small person is using the bench (which is part of the fun of it really), and the fire engine didn't run well on carpet.

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