Friday, 5 October 2012

FSC and Fairtrade at JJ Beanos

These sustainability related posts are generally pretty much focussed on the issue at hand but, this time, BFTF would like to tell you a story (a phrase that BFTF feels obliged to say in a Max Bygraves kind of way)...

Back in 2005, BFTF was travelling down the M1 on a sunny July afternoon when he stopped at a service station for a cup of coffee to help stay alert on the rest of the drive. As is BFTF's tendency, it was a Fairtrade cup of coffee that he asked for - which the barista could provide but had to make specially.

Whilst it was brewing up, BFTF noticed that many of the people at the service station appeared to be heading for the "Live 8" concert in London - a concert that was billed as being an event to raise awareness of global poverty and achieve government level policy changes on issues such as aid, trade and justice - so BFTF asked the barista whether any of his other customers were asking for Fairtrade coffee or tea. He said that they weren't and that this was a surprise given that many of them were going to a concert that aimed to help combat global poverty and injustice.

A sad state of affairs, no?

End of story

Moving back to the current issue, BFTF was once again at a service station purchasing a cup of coffee, this time from a Self Service JJ Beanos machine - a brand that BFTF deliberately chose because their coffee is all Fairtrade - when BFTF started to wonder what the wooden stirring sticks were made of. One would hope that they were made from FSC certified wood and not just any old chopped down rainforest as illegal or indescriminate logging devastates ecosystms, plunges indigenous people into poverty and contributes to climage change.

So BFTF asked them what the source of the wood for their stirring sticks was.

A JJ Beanos cup of Fairtrade coffee -
but what kind of wood are those stirring sticks made out of?

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