Friday, 5 October 2012

Frustrating Fast Food Flyers

BFTF has seen a number of flyers from local fast food restaurants land on the doormat recently.

That, of itself, is no problem - but what DOES wind BFTF up is when flyers say that the food they serve is "Halal".

"But why?" I hear you say, "surely BFTF would be chuffed to see Halal food on the menu?"

Well, yes, you're right - but when I see the word "Halal" on a fast food menu I think (rightly or wrongly) it means that the establishment has Islamic values.

But BFTF knows that, almost certainly, the chickens used in the kebabs will have been raised in tiny cages rather than the humane conditions Islam mandates.

They are all Halal, but what about animal welfare and sustainable paper?

And the flyers themselves will, almost certainly, have been printed on any old paper rather than the sustainably sourced paper that Islam mandates (certainly BFTF has NEVER seen a logo or notice indicating that the paper is sustainably sourced on any fast food outlet leaflets)

Again, they are all Halal, but what about animal welfare and sustainable paper?

The frustration is magnified by the fact that the restaurants themselves are unaware of the bad practices they are using.

And the reason that don't know is that Nottingham's Muslim institutions have failed to give Nottingham's Muslim community examples of what is good practice in these areas. IF they are mentioned at all, it is only in the briefest way. Critically, there is never any mention of what specific practices people should be adopting.

So BFTF has sent a link to this post to some local Imams to ask what their views are.

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