Saturday, 1 September 2012

Walking ahead of Mrs BFTF

Dear reader,

If you happened to see me shopping with Mrs BFTF in Notts town centre yesterday morning, you may have caught me at a moment where I was walking a short distance ahead of her.

As I was wearing a rather nifty looking Jubba at the time, you may have come to the conclusion that this was an example of a Muslim man insisting that his wife walks 10 paces behind him (a practice that BFTF has never heard mentioned by any Imam, or seen written in any book, btw)

On the contrary, this was due to me wearing sturdy walking boots and being a hurry, while Mrs BFTF wasn't and wasn't.

Please be reassured that I stopped and waited for Mrs BFTF as soon as I realised that a gap had opened up.

I hope we're cool now.

This is a Jubba

Incidentally, when we go out for a walk, Mrs BFTF invariably leaves me for dead

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