Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Most Important British Institution

A quick question to start this post: What British institutons are most important to you?

By which BFTF means to ask what, in British socety do you really treasure? What would you miss the most if it was gone? BFTF could have come up with lots of glib answers untl about about 30minutes ago, when a chance story made BFTF realse what that key institution was.

The Welfare State

BFTF treasures the fact that there are institutions in this country that will help those who are in need, those who cannot support themselves due to illness or other cicumstances.

Imagine you are a young person, in a relatonship, and have been blessed with some lovely children. Life looks good. And then suddenly your partner falls ill and needs almost constant care.

Your income has gone, your partner needs special accomodation, you are stressed to breaking point and you still have to be strong for your kids.

This is the point where the Welfare State needs to swing into action. Decisively, effectively and with passion.

If my taxes pay for nothing else, they had better pay for people like that young couple to be given fast, robust support.

The frightening thing is - it doesn't always happen.

That "chance story" mentioned earlier was a Tweet that linked to a blog by "Manic Mum", whose husband Alex Wood suffered a severe brain injury in 2011 and is now blnd, severly disabled and cognitively impaired.

Please read her story.

BFTF sent an email to Thane Council saying :

"Why is the family of Alex Wood being treated so badly? They need help, not indifferent welfare services. Sort it out."

And an email to a local councillor asking what assurance they can give that Alex and his family would have been treated better in Nottingham.

Update 07-12 Sep
Received email from Thane Council saying that: "Unfortunately Thame Town Council have no knowledge of Alex Wood. If you have an issue with Welfare Services you would need to contact Oxfordshire County Council or alternatively the police." So sent a (somewhat less tetchy) email to Oxfordshire County Council who (on reflection, quite reasonably) replied saying "Unfortunately due to Data Protection this is not something that we are able to discuss with members of the public. I am sure you can appreciate that Oxfordshire County Council has to strictly adhere to Data Protection Law." Related Content Dates in the Square - Summary of Events

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