Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tesco Dried Apples

BFTF tries to eat healthily, mostly fails mind you, but does at least try.

And as part of this effort, was chuffed to see that Tesco are selling packets of dried apple at a very reasonable price.

Unlike other dried fruit lines that BFTF has seen, this one is just apple, no addded sweetener or other nonsense - and being a fruit, the fibre content is very high, at 8.7g per 100g of product!

And it delivers on the taste front too, with feedback from family and work colleagues being uniformly positive.

So are there any down sides? Well, BFTF did have a couple of concerns, and put them to Tesco in the email below :

"I've been buying your dried apple product recently (code :5051399296210) and only have good things to say about it. It is tasty, simple, free from added sugar and high in natural fibre. I like it a lot.

Having said that, I wonder whether you could give some reassurance on two aspects of its production.

1) Can you confirm that natural forests have not been cleared to make way for the orchards.

2) Can you confirm that the orchard workers and fruit pickers are paid a living wage and treated in line with ILO / ETI recommendations?"

UPDATE : 03 OCT 12
Tesco did try and phone BFTF within a day or two, but BFTF missed their calls. Recently chased this up with them and received the following:

"I would like to assure you that safeguarding both the environments we source from, and the communities we work in, is something we take seriously.

We are currently not aware of any land management issues, or cases of bad practice, at this farm however we are following this up with our supplier.

With regards to your second point, we were a signatory and founder member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) which was established in 1998, which includes a commitment to paying living wages. One of the core principles of our Tesco ‘Trading Fairly’ programme, which derives its principles from the ETI, focuses on our commitment to high labour standards and to ensuring compliance through supplier self-assessment and regular independent audits.

'Trading Fairly' is fully integrated within Tesco's operations, forming a key part of our broader strategy for corporate responsibility. Its objectives and activities are delivered by a wide range of commercial staff, overseen by a specialist ethical trading team including dedicated local staff in key supplying countries.

I hope that this response has assured you that we are committed to ensure high labour standards through-out our supply chain. More information about our ‘Trading Fairly’ programme can be found on our website,

UPDATE : 09 DEC 12
Received the following reassuring comments from TESCO:
No forests have been cleared in order to produce this product.

Here's some more information on our pledge to ensuring all of our products are from sustainable sources:

We are committed to safeguarding the environment and communities we source from.

We are committed to tackling deforestation, including working with other consumer goods companies. Tesco co-chairs (with Unilever) the sustainability pillar of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). In November 2010, the group agreed a resolution pledging to mobilise resources within the respective businesses to help achieve zero net deforestation by 2020.

The companies will achieve this both by individual company initiatives and by working collectively in partnership with governments and NGOs.

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