Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nottingham Citizens and the PCC

Great interview with George Gabriel from Nottingham Citizens today.

Most urgent item was that the election of a Police Commissioner for Nottingham is taking place on 15th November. According to the Government, the PCCs will have a number of responsibilities:

Police and crime commissioners (PCCs) will ensure the policing needs of their communities are met as effectively as possible, bringing communities closer to the police, building confidence in the system and restoring trust.

PCCs will make and influence key decisions that will impact on how your local area looks and feels - from CCTV, street lighting and graffiti to tackling gangs and drug-dealing.

Their job is to listen to the public and then respond to their needs, bringing more of a public voice to policing and giving the public a name and a face to complain to if they aren't satisfied.

Nottingham Citizens aims to hold an action three days before the election, (i.e. on 12th November) which will involve hundreds of Nottingham's citizens and will ask the candidates to commit to addressing the concerns of the people of Nottingham - and Nottingham Citizens are currently undertaking a listening excercise to hear exactly what those concerns are.

You can help Nottingham Citizens in this endeavour by leaving a comment here saying what you think the commissioner should be addressing, or you can email George Directly at It is worth thinking about issues that can be expressed clearly, and where the PCCC could be asked to commit to something specific

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UPDATE:27 SEP Realised during the writing of the post that, unbelievably, the "candidates" page on the Nottingham PCC website, does not have any information on who the candidates are!!! Sent an email asking them to correct this.

UPDATE:03 OCT Nottingham Police Authority quickly responded saying "While I understand your question, we are not permitted to promote any candidate or prospective candidate on this site, or indeed in any other way. However, the Home Office will have a dedicated section of their website with information covering all the candidates and we will provide a link to this site once it is live. It is expected to be populated and available to all on 26 October 2012, after the nominations close at Noon on 19 October, when there is the full list of confirmed candidates.I also understand that each local returning officer will be publishing a Notice of Election on 23 October, 2012."

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  1. This is great way to protect the citizen. These officers are also responsible for their welfare and this will surely assure them the protection. Glad you have this shared.