Monday, 10 September 2012

How LITTLE can you buy at a supermarket?

As a general rule, Monday lunchtime sees BFTF and a work colleague or two going to the local TESCO for a few provisions to get through the working week.

But today, BFTF had bought stuff on the way to work, so didnlt really need much at luchtime.

BFTF went along anyway with the vague intention of buying some fair-trade bananas. TESCO didn't have any in stock (or at least none that BFTF likes the look of) and BFTF's mind started thinking about how supermarkets are always encouraging people to buy MORE stuff, so thought it might be a nice change to see how LITTLE one could buy.

Being in the Fruit and Veg aisle, BFTF's gaze fell upon the loose mushrooms and decided that buying a single solitary mushroom was a good place to start:

One single mushroom (which was delicious, by the way)

And it cost 7 new pence

To be fair, the chap at the checkout dealt with the purchase with an admirably straight bat. Good effort young man!

Buying that single mushroom made BFTF thing about how much food one REALLY needs to get through the day.

So, dear reader, BFTF wonders what is the cheapest thing you have bought from a supermarket might be. . . .

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