Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hexbugs at Toys R Us

The end of Ramadan meams the celebration of Eid - and for childrem, Eid means PRESENTS !

BFTF is largely hopeless at buying presents, due almost exlusively to a character flaw that causes BFTF to leave present buying to the absolute last minute - despite knowing for weeks that presents would definitely need to be bought.

So, anyway, BFTF found himself in Toys R Us looking for something suitable for No1 and No2 Niece - and the combination of the fact they they are blessed with intelligence and BFTF's geekiness resulted in a wish to buy them something that was both educational and fun.

For No2 niece, this turned out to be a "Hexbug", which is a tiny mechanical robot-like device. It turned out that No2 niece absolutely LOVED THE HEXBUG TO BITS.

A Hexbug - this one is remote controlled and can walk and rotate.

So what's the problem, you may ask?

Well, what concerned BFTF was that the Hexbugs were on the "Action And Adventure" boys-toys aisle, suggesting that Toys R Us didn't think that girls would be interested in Hexbugs. BFTF was about to email Toys R Us about this but then realised that it was not clear what BFTF actually wanted.

Hexbugs at the near end of the "Action and Adventure" aisle

Was it ok that the cars etc to be "Boys Toys" but not the Hexbugs?

Perhaps it was good to have the Hexbugs in this aisle as youngstes who were interested in this kind of thing would be able to find it easily?

Where exactly DID BFTF want the Hexbugs stocked?

On reflection, it didn't seem clear what to do for the best. What do you think, dear reader, were the Hexbugs located in the right place?

(Oh, and by the way, Rubiks cubes were over 20% more expensive in Toys R Us than in Tescos)

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