Sunday, 2 September 2012

20,000 page views

Thank you, dear reader, for taking the blog hit count to 20,000 !! A small number in absolute terms, of course, but still something of a milestone.

To mark the occasion, the blog has been through a minor revamp (tabs at the top of the page have been tidied up, link colours are now "standard", change to the title font).

And it seems like a good time to remind readers that the blog has quite a few posts that are updated after initial publication, usually because some kind of feedback has been received from an organisation (see here for an example). The only way of being aware of these updates is if you follow the blog via Facebook or Twitter, so if you want to stay up-to-date with developments, social media is the way to do it.

And lastly, now seems like a good time to mention the top 10 most read posts on the blog :

This is what is wrong with the NHS Bill

Booing the national anthem

Interview : Yaseen and Emmanuel House

Interview : Prof Ian Shaw on the NHS

Food Banks in Nottingham

Muslim-Christian Prayer at BMCC

Paralympic vs Olympic team sizes

Talk : Animal Testing

Coal Mining in Nottingham

Interiew : Citizens UK and Himmah

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