Monday, 13 August 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

BFTF is rather a fan of "random acts of kindness", they really do warm the heart and are part of the glue that holds society together - a powerful antidote to the, rather selfish, barrage of consumerist advertising that we are all bombarded with.

BFTF does occasionally perform a random act of kindness, usually in one of the following two ways:

Way 1 : When embarking on a campaign of Muffin making, a few times a year BFTF sends batches of muffins to the neighbours up and down the road.

Way 2 : This one is embarrasingly trivial, and involves the plastic separators at supermarket checkouts. You may have had the experience of putting your shopping on the conveyor but not being able to put a separator in front of (or indeed behind) your shopping because they are all down at the front by the checkout operator, so you have to wait until it is nearly your turn before you can get to one.

Well, what BFTF does is to push all the separators all the way to the back of the conveyor so that the shoppers behind can use them straight away.

I did warn you it was trivial, but no, you had to read it anyway. Learnt your lesson now have you?.

A Random Act of Kindness in Ramadan,
One aspect of Ramadan is that, if there are a number of Muslim families on a particular street, they will often send gifts of food to each other just before sunset, when the fast is broken (the breaking of the fast is known as the "Iftar"). This is clearly as good thing, as it helps to build a sense of community (and often gets one out of a hole if you haven't prepared anything and are wondering what to eat at Iftar time!)

But BFTF wonders how this looks to the non-Muslim residents on the street. Perhaps, for example, they are wondering why they are so completely excluded from this foodie giftiness?

So, to try and show a bit more inclusivity, Sons No2 and No3 were out yesterday with 5 bags of muffins each. No2 son was to turn right and offer muffins to each house until he had run out, while No3 son was to turn left and so the same thing.

One wonders whether this was still an "Act of Kindness" - or was it now an "Act of Self-Interest", or an "Act of Compassion"? And where do the boundaries of these lie?

The Kindness Offensive
Penultimately, it's perhaps worth mentioning "The Kindness Offensive", which is an organisation who perform what can perhaps best be described as "organised acts of kindness" - check out their website.

It would be great, gentle reader, to know if you have any Acts of Kindness that you drop onto an otherwise unsuspecting public. We really don't big up this kind of thing enough, so please, do share. . .

Update 15 Sep12 : Cities of Compassion
Saw a stall in the city centre today who were publicising their petition to make Nottingham a "City of Compassion". You can read all about it at their website.

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  1. I shouted through my neighbours kitchen window the other day to let her know it was starting to rain incase she wanted to get her washing in :) Alhamdulillah. I gave her some biriyani too.