Thursday, 23 August 2012

Himmah Eid Festival Aug 2012

Saturday 25th August saw Nottingham Hyson Green ASDA teaming up with Himmah, a grassroots charity helping the homeless and destitute in Nottingham, to hold an “Eid Festival” fundraising event.

Located along the front of the store, the Festival featured live entertainment, food stalls and information points to give shoppers a “mini-fair” experience as part of their shopping trip.

On the games front, the Festival gave shoppers to have a bash at Giant Chess or Snakes ‘n Ladders games - always sure to delight a youngster!

While those wanting to tickle their tastebuds could sample the fine fare of Alain Jobs “Nkono” African Street Food, or opt for all-round light lunch experts Salt N Pepper - with the possibility of a dessert from Divine Cakes that was simply, well, divine…

Food - the choice is yours !

Arts and Crafts aficionados were not neglected either, with stalls featuring ethnic Henna tattoos, Hijabs and Jewellery.

Himmah are keen on working with other organisations and it was not surprising, therefore, to see that the New Art Exchange were given a platform to tell shoppers about the exciting work they were doing.

The National Cancer Action Team “Champions of Change” were also there raising awareness of the early signs and symptoms of cancer, as well as listening to the views of people from all communities to ensure that NHS cancer services meet the needs of all communities.

And Muslim Hands, a charity who work providing sustainable relief in disaster zones across the world, as well as sponsoring thousands of orphans and running many schools in the developing world, were also on hand to explain what they do.

But is was the live entertainment that was most peoples highlight for the day, and this included a display by Mohammed Ali, a graffiti artist known as “Aerosol Arabic

Aerosol Arabic doesn't mess about !

Also featured were Himmah event regulars the Circus Clowns, who provided unicycling, baton juggling, balloon modelling fun for the youngsters

And acoustic entertainment came Islamic artists Shaam as well as a number of other groups from around the world, including African Bongo drummers Unique World.<br />

Unique World

The event was reported on the Nottingham Post website, including a charming comment by 72 yr old Mary Brinklow that “We have to share our culture, so this was an event for everybody”

The event was sponsored by Asda and the New Art Exchange and managed to raise some £500 which will be used by Himmah and its partners to help support homeless families as well as supporting Himmah’s soup kitchen.

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(Incidentally, Himmah are possibly the FIRST Muslim organisation in Nottingham to practice what Islam preaches and print their flyers on sustainably sourced paper!!)

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