Friday, 17 August 2012

Dates in the Square - Summary of Events

The summer of 2012 saw Himmah (a not-for-profit grassroots community based initiative providing services, organising and education for Nottingham’s citizens) holding a series of "flash mob" style events at dusk in Nottingham's market square (see here and here)

Great to see such a wide demographic at the events.

Timed to co-incide with the month of Ramadhan, when Muslims are most focussed on charitable work, the events are held on Wednesdays over a period of four weeks and involved the sharing of food with the general public and short presenations by key local figures on issues of importance for those who want to see Nottingham have a strong, participatice and caring population. Below you can see a list of links to reports on each of the events : information about each

Week 1 : Racism - with Cllr Alex Norris and Shad Ali

Week 2 : Poverty - with Archdeacon Peter Hill and Maqsood Ahmed

Week 3 : Sanctuary - with Bishop Paul Butler, Arian and Bea Toboloweska

Week 4 : Homelessness - with Claire Grainger and Sandra

Claire Grainger and Sandra at the Week 4 event
After the reflections, food, water and dates were distributed to the audience and everyone was encouraged to take the opportunity to relax, enjoy the food and strike up a conversation or two.

It's dinner time

Here is the Carnivore option in Week 4

And here is the, equally delicious, vege option

Bring a Tin
Himmah is supporting the work of Notts Refugee Forum and also the NG7 Foodbank, both of whom are providing non-perishable foods to some of the most needy in Nottingham. As part of this effort, Himmah are asked people who attend the events to “Bring a Tin” of food for donation to these two organisations. You can find out more about this initiative is unfolding at some of Nottingham's mosques here

Just "Bring A Tin"

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