Wednesday, 22 August 2012

BBC Factual Programmes Survey

Dear All,

I’m doing a small survey to assess people’s views of some aspects of BBC factual programmes and hope you can help my by watching a couple of minutes of iplayer before 25th August and answering some questions.

The programme I'm using as a vehicle for this survey is called “The First World War from Above” and is a really interesting account of the devastation of the front lines in WW1 as viewed from the air. A link is shown below (it’s not the iplayer one, sorry)

What I am hoping I can persuade you to do is to watch the programme from around 41min in to 44min in (a section that looks at the effect of shelling on Passchendaele) – please watch the section only once - and answer the following five questions :

1) Overall, how do you feel about the audio commentary?
a) Good
b) Bad
c) Indifferent

2) Overall, how do you feel about the visual presentation?
a) Good
b) Bad
c) Indifferent

3) Overall, how do you feel about the balance between the time the images were on screen and the time the “talking heads” were on screen?
a) Too much talking heads
b) Too much images
c) About right

4) Regarding the time the photos of Passchendaele before and after the attack were on screen, do you think the photos:
a) Were on screen too long.
b) Were on screen not long enough
c) Were on screen for about the right time

5) Regarding the use of hand held photos and camerawork vs rigidly held photos and camerawork (i.e photo on a flat surface and camera directly above it), would you :
a) Prefer hand-held
b) Prefer rigidly held
c) Don’t mind either way

Don’t worry, I’m not going to use anyones names, but I might send the results to the BBC if they are interesting.

Please put your responses in a comment to this post, or via Twitter / Facebook / email

Many thanks, in advance !

Note : Question 5 modified to improve clarity

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