Thursday, 21 June 2012

Re-introduction of CSE's

BFTF was utterly gobsmacked to read today that the government wanted to return to a two-tier education system by re-introducing CSE-type exams for the less able.

BFTF feels very strongly that the introduction of the GCSE - as a single examination- was a big step forward, that eliminated the discrimination faced by those who took CSE qualifications. The continued use of multiple exam boards, on the other hand, was ridiculous and inevitable resulted in a moral hazard of schools wanting to use the "easiest" board. So the proposal to switch to a single board sounds like a good idea. Unbelievably angry about this, and found that kids also find this policy inexplicable, as shown by the following conversation that we had regarding it.

BFTF: Look, they want to reintroduce CSE exams - I remember those, it was a two tier system where the people who got CSE's were worthless and got sent down the mines and ended up with rubbish jobs.

No1 Son: And I heard that they want to change the system so that instead of doing it in two exams with 50% each you do one exam right at the end. What the heck is that about?

No2 Son: But why would you elect a government that would do that ?

BFTF: It wasn't in their election manifesto

No3 Son: Will they send me down the mines?

BFTF: Not if you do well.

No3 Son, clearly not convinced: Can we move to a different country?

NB: For the record, mining is a noble profession that BFTF has the utmost respect for. It's just a turn of phrase.

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