Monday, 18 June 2012

How art can affect you

BFTF parked near Nottingham Castle recently and, on returning to the car to find that there was still some time left on the ticket, decided to pay a quick visit to the Nottingham Society of Artists Trust Gallery. No1 son, who was with me tagged along. The Gallery had a contemporary exhibition called "Language of Colour" and it has to be said that some of it was pretty mesmerising stuff. No1 Son and BFTF seemed to have pretty much the same view of what was good and what was pants - with so-called "modern art" largley falling into the second category. It is a bit of a simplification, but the BFTF view of art can largely be summarised as shown in the chart below.

One image, of a fiery red sun, so affected BFTF (and indeed No1 Son) that we could physically feel the heat on our foreheads - to the extent that BFTF was touching the nearby radiator to see if that was the source of the warmth.

A bit spooky really - and just goes to show how easily our senses can trick us.

Rather cheekily, BFTF took a snap of the picure in question through the gallery window. It is called "Heat" and is an oil painting, perhaps 70cm square, by Roger Crooks

Oh, and by the way, if BFTF had been suitably cash-rick, it might even had shelled out the required £240 to buy the picture. . .

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