Sunday, 3 June 2012

Himmah Jubilee Celebration at ASDA

Sunday 3rd June saw a lovely Jubilee celebration at Nottingham Hyson Green ASDA. The store had teamed up with local community organisation Himmah to organise the event which comprised food stalls and live entertainment from a number of Nottingham's communities.

Angie Murfitt, who is ASDA' Hyson Green's Community Life Champion explained that the event was "ASDA's way of giving back to the community", adding that it was about "everybody getting together and celebrating the Jublilee"

The breadth of culinary styles on offer really did offer something for everyone with people really getting into the spirit of the event and trying out the different foods.

Alain Job was running a very impressive stall of African fare, with dishes ranging from Safari Jollof Rice (based on the traditional recipes of a Nomadic tribe, to Exotic Fish Curry wrapped in Wach leaves. If these seemed a little too exotic then he also had some mouthwatering beefburgers on offer for the more traditional palate.

Alain Job and his African fare - you can find him at the Victoria Centre Fish Market

A table of confections from Divine Cakes was very popular, with each cupcake featuring a picture of the Queen gently placed on top for that Jubilee touch.

Farooq (Himmah Volunteer), Angie and Hannah at the Divine Cakes Stall

Tea was provided by a team comprising Himmah Volunteers Safoora, Humaira and Shafa. When asked why they thought that tea needed to be part of the event, Safoora responded that "Tea epitomises something very British but has also transcended boundaries to become something very international"

Safoora, Humaira and Shafa selling pukka English tea !

Classic food from the subcontinent was provided by local fast-food legends Khyber Pass. Himmah volunteer Javaid was manning the stall and ready to provide near instantaneous combinations of samosas, pakoras and chaat that would ease the hunger of the emptiest tummy.

Javaid with Khyber Pass's menu

Somewhat optimistically, an ice-cream van was also at the event. Still, knowing the British weather, anything could have happened.

Mr McYummy and his ice-cream van, waiting for a break in the weather !

On the entertainment front, there was also no shortage of things to see. . .

Unique World who demonstrated their African Bongo Drums, which certainly gave the event a strong beat.

Nottingham Capoeira - who have a strong relationship with Himmah - showed what this South Americal blend of dance and martial arts is all about

Other performers included the Nottingham Samba Group and a Sikh Swordfighting demonstration, the latter of which may have left many of the on-lookers with a newfound respect for the art of swordsmanship.

As the event drew to a close, and with the bunting still fluttering in the wind as it was taken down, Angie was asked why ASDA had chosen Himmah, who usually work with the homeless and destitute in Nottingham, as partners for the event. Angie commented that she had been impressed by Himmahs attitude and that Himmah had "really opened my eyes to situation of people less fortunate ourselves"

Further information :
Himmah :
See Here for an example of the work that Himmah do with the homeless and destitute in Nottingham.

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