Wednesday, 25 April 2012


BFTF has been hugely entertained by the reaction to the EDL's #creepingsharia campaign in which Tommy Robinson complained that the Twitter homepage had a picture of a mosque on it by tweeting "welcome to twitter homepage has a picture of a mosque. what a joke #creepingsharia".

The page in question is shown below.

Winningly, the fact that these kids in a distant land
were playing CRICKET seemed to have passed Tommy by.

Somewhat ironically, Tommy had not taken the British sense of humour into account, and soon the #creepingsharia hashtag had been hijacked by people tweeting various cheeky send-ups, for example:

I've walked past this homeless guy for two years. Everyday his beard gets longer and longer #creepingsharia (Qasim Peracha)

Alcohol is not available at my children’s primary school #creepingsharia (Marchell Revanner)

And a bit like getting a new car and suddenly noticing all the other examples of the make as you drive around, BFTF has begun to see #creepingsharia all over the shop. So much so, in fact, that is seems worth starting a log of them.

A builder who was doing some work on the house told me that he was one of 12 children - this is exactly the kind of unrestrained #creepingsharia procreation that will leave the British as a minority in their own country. (Note 3)

At a recent residents group meeting, the group wanted an alcohol-free area around a local park - a clear example of #creepingsharia if ever there was one. (Note 1)

BFTF spotted the Mayor of Nottingham wearing what appeared to be an Islamic gown - has #creepingsharia reached our most historic institutions?

The Daily Mail reports how Church bells are being silenced in English villages by #creepingsharia (Note 2)

More examples as BFTF seems them!

Note 1 : The residents group was overwhemlingly Non-Muslim and was concerned about drunks hanging around the park in the evenings.
Note 2 : Thank goodness it wasn't Muslims making this demand. I can see the headline already "Now Muslims demand our Church bells be silenced". Note 3 : Builder was white, English and non-Muslim.

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