Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bigging Up Residents Groups

A leaflet dropped through BFTF's door recently mentioning that there was a Residents Group Meeting in a few days. Not having been to one of these for a number of years (not least because they had not been advertised), BFTF thought it might be nice to pop along and see what went on.

The meeting was attended by 10-20 people, including a representative from the Police, a "Neighbourhood Action Officer" from the council, and possibly a councillor - as well, of course, as a number of local residents - some of whom have a long standing involvement in the group.

A large part of the meeting involved goind through a list of items that had previously been raised by residents, together with the actions that had been set to resolve them.

As part of this, the Police representative gave a run down of the crime situation, including what was being done to address any current issues. For example, two recent burglaries had resulted in a stronger Police presence in the area.

It was mentioned that the spate of burglaries of jewellery from "Indian" households (BFTF suspects that Pakistanis, for demographic reasons alone) were more likely to be on the receiving end of this crime, but could be wrong) had died down and that the recommendation was for people to keep their jewellery in a bank safe deposit box (see here for an article on this isssue). BFTF pointed out that a number of banks were now taking away this important public service and asked whether the council could challenge local banks on their policy in this regards. The Neighbourhood Action Officer said he would arrange for this to happen.

Residents Group Meeting Agenda - looking good!

Another, very different issue that was clearly a concern was dog foulding (as any parent who has to walk children to school will understand). BFTF wonders whether this is taken as seriously by the council as surveys of Nottinghams citizens suggest it should be.

One forthcoming event that BFTF was interested to hear about was that the St Peters Church would be celebrating it's 200th year anniversary on Sat 23rd June with a day of activities and food, with all welcome (indeed the meeting was held in a community room at this very church.

Incidentally, the effect of the mailshot can be seen in the fact that the meeting from the previous meeting showed that there had only been 5 residents present.

It all looked pretty positive, and BFTF wonders whether it might be possible to put together a record of what the residents group has achieved over the, say, last year. Suspect it would be a powerful arguement for civil society so emailed the Neighbourhood Action Officer to see if he could help compile something (that's "help" as in "can you do this please").

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