Saturday, 31 March 2012

Who donated £2M ?

A week or so ago, BFTF was walking out of the local ASDA when it caught sight of a sign saying that ASDA had donated £2million to the UK’s first national breast cancer tissue bank.

This is clearly a GOOD THING.

But BFTF wondered whether the money was from ASDA (i.e. from their turnover) or from ASDA's customers (buckets at checkouts, sponsored events etc)

So sent an email to ask them.

Received a call from ASDA saying that the money was from ASDA's fundraising efforts (buckets at checkouts, merchandise sales etc) and that ASDA had received awards for their "Pink Ribbon" campaign. BFTF suggested that perhaps there should have been some acknowledgement of the fact that the £2million had come from customers, not ASDA's pockets - but the ASDA did not accept this.

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