Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mr Kiplings exceedingly free range cakes

BFTF was idly looking at a packet of Mr Kiplings Exceedingly Good Raspberry Slices (which are rather delicious by the way) when a banner in the top corner of the box caught BFTF's eye. It said "baked with Free Range Eggs".

How wonderful !!

BFTF has a little trouble understanding who anyone (other than those in dire economic straits) can buy eggs from caged hens when the alternative is so readily avaialable. It's true that Free Range eggs cost a little more, but eggs are only a small small part of the overall grocery budget and the moral case for buying free range is so clear.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this resulted in a couple of emails being sent out.

One to Mr Kipling to say well done on using Free Range Eggs.

And one to ASDA asking why they couldn't do the same in their own brand products.

Received a response from Mrs Kipling(?!)saying thanks for the message.

Received a call from ASDA saying that they were actively looking into the possibility of using free range eggs in their own label products and that my comments would be passed onto the relvant team. Which is rather encouraging!

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