Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Muslim Writers Awards and Shakespeare

It's great to see the work being done by the Muslim Writers Awards to promote a culture of literature and writing in the Muslim Community.

In particular, their Feb11th event at the Globe Theatre sounds really interesting. The event will see MWA working with. . . :blockquote>
". . . the team at Shakespeare’s Globe to explore the Bard's influence on Middle Eastern story-telling and creative expression.This fascinating one-day experience will include practical workshops delivered by Khayaal Theatre Company exploring interpretations of Shakespeare in the context of the Arab Spring. . . Award-winning Kuwaiti playwright and theatre director Sulayman al-Bassam, whose work as Artistic Director of Sulayman al Bassam Theatre (SABAB) has achieved worldwide acclaim with Arabic adaptations of Richard III and Hamlet will also be running a series of interactive discussions and debates.

William Shakespeare, yesterday
Certainly provides an altervative viewpoint to that of the Daily Mail, whose 2008 article on Muslims and Shakespeare still occasionally leaves BFTF shivering at the level of its demonisation and lack of any comment from any mainstream Muslim organisation.

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