Monday, 2 January 2012

Update : Palestinian Statehood at the UN

Updated this post, on recognition of Palestinian Statehood at the UN, with what has been happening at three local masjids in terms of lobbying the Government to support this issue:

A couple of weeks ago, BFTF talked to the Imam at Masjid B, who (so far as BFTF can recall) agreed to feedback to the community (via a Friday Khutbah(sermon) or similarly well attended salat (prayer)) what had been done in their name. Sent a follow up email today to ask if this has happened yet.

Last week, talked to the Imam from Masjid S about the petition signed by the congregation at that masjid. This Masjid has not yet sent off any communication to local MP's. BFTF pointed out to the Imam that the congregation signed the petition in good faith and are expecting that it has been sent off, if the Masjid doesn't want to do that then they need to tell the congregation so that they are not working under a misapprehension. The Imam said that they hoped to have decided on a way forward by the end of the Christmas Holidays.

Although, not mentioned earlier, BFTF also asked a third Masjid (let's call them Masjid C) to participate in this activity. A friend gave Masjid C a suggested letter but BFTF does not know whether the Masjid did anything or not. The same friend has kindly agreed to chase them up and ask what happened.

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