Sunday, 29 January 2012

Extremists and the Internet

An article in the Times back on 31st Aug 2011 by Arno Michaels, a former white power skinhead in the US, describes the mentality of such extremists (a mentality which, ironically, they share with Islamic and other extremists).

Arno explains that they had been told repeatedly that they were in a war, and that this war has been declared by the Jews against the white race over 2000 years ago. They were convinced that the "Jews" were trying to wipe out white people with a series of "mud races" such as Latinos.

Tellingly, he says that it was hard work defending this viewpoint against the evidence to the contrary that was all around him, and he would often retreat to his attic of Nazi memorabilia if he felt in any doubt. Arno explains that contact with someone who could challenge their controntational narrative "poses tremendous risk to egos built on such conflict". Yet, at the same time, all the problems and ills that plague society must be allowed to percolate through so that they can "feed an insatiable appetite for righteousness"

Perhaps most frighteningly, the horror stories they told themselves of what would happen if they were not victorious resulted in them denying themselves the compassion of sparing even children.

He points out that, back in the 80s and 90s, those in the white power movement would go to considerable efforts to maintain contact with each other, using post office boxes and calling cards, and would attract new members by causing enough havoc to get the interest of the media and also leaving lots of flyers around to give people a point of contact. But, at heart, it was still a face-to-face method of recruiting people.

Today, the internet has changed everything. It is now easy to immerse oneself in a world where one is cut-off from society yet still receiving evidence of all its defects.

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