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Crimean honour killing that wasn't

The 24 June 2011 issue of the Muslim News (going back a bit I know, click here to see why) has an article entitled "Crimean Honour Killing that never was" which describes the sad case of Kateryna Korin, who was found dead in a forest, having been hit by a "blunt object".

Initially the incident was reported with the simple facts of the case - that Korin had been found dead in the forest. She was last seen going into the forest with Bilyal Gaziev, an admirer who had been adopted by a non-practising Muslim family.

But a day later, Russian language websites in the Ukraine began claiming that Korin had been "stoned dead" by a "radical" Muslim admirer.

Soon reports were describing Korin as a "glamorous Muslim beauty queen", that Gaziev was a "Wahhabi" and that he, together with two other men had stoned Korin because she had violated Sharia Law by participating in a beauty contest. Headlines included "Aspiring Miss Crimea killed under Shari'a Laws in Crimea" (Po-Kievski paper), "Radical Islamists murder young Girl in Crimea" (Svobodnaya paper) and, in the UK's Daily Mail "Muslim Girl, 19, stoned to death after taking part in beauty contest".

The level of inaccuracy was such that the Crimean of Ukraines Interior Ministry issued a statement saying that the muder "was an absolutely routine crime (that) does not have any underlying reasons like religious, national orinterethnic motives"

A report on this story can also be found at the Radio Free Europe site (click here)

Crimea (dark green) is part of Ukraine (medium green)

Why this post is here
BFTF hopes to use this an example of why papers such as the Daily Mail should check stories before publishing - especially when they have the potential to cause damage to community cohesion.

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