Saturday, 10 December 2011

Slo-mo guys and the spirit of curiosity

The spirit of curiosity is a wonderful thing, and has powered many aspects of human endeavour.

Just imagine what scientific discoveries would not have been made if a scientist has not thought "What if I try to. . .? "

Or what mountain peaks would not have been conquered if an explorer had not thought "What is beyond this hill . . . ?

Or what art would not have been produced if someone had not thought "What happens if I try this. . . .?

So BFTF is always heartened to see people with a spirit of curiosity and was therefore chuffed to find out about "The slo-mo guys" on YouTube.

What they do it basically break things in interesting ways - and then video the destruction in slow motion.

Much of what they do has been done before, but some of their escapades are genuinely novel.

In particular, the video below is fascinating. Check out the ripples that form as they land on the water balloon, and the way if which it eventually fails. If this video does not make you go "WOW" then there must be something missing in your heart. Seriously, you need to see a doctor if this isn't doing it for you. .

BFTF has sent this post to local mosques asking them to consider what they are doing to encourage their communities to have this spirit of discovery.

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