Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Mosque, a University, a Farm and Greenpeace

Whinging is easy, and fun - but not very contructive. So BFTF is chuffed to have the opportunity to take a more postive approach by bigging up some most excellent work being done at Bobbers Mill Community Centre (BMCC), a local Mosque/Community Centre.

As a follow on from a recent interview, Greenpeace representative Jane Burd and the centre's Imam and Youth worker (Perwaise Ayoub) are in discussions about training materials that could be used to present an environmental message to young people. As BFTF has previously mentioned, there is a huge overlap between the acitivities of Greenpeace and Islamic values. It is just a shame that so many Mosques are active only in areas where perceive Islam to be different from the wider society rather than the much larger area of overlap where the Muslim community can find common ground. BFTF wishes Jane and the local Mosque/Community Centre well in their efforts!

Normally very calm and collected, the Greenpeace logo only lost his rag when pictured beside text that was in Times Roman

But there's more. . .
Perwaise has also just spent a day touring farms and equestrian centres in Lincolnshire as part of preparatory work for a project being led by James Barclay called "Back to your Roots", which aims to take young people back to their roots and to give them opportunities to develop their skills in farming (also to introduce them to the art of horse-riding). It's early days yet, but definitely a project work watching.

Daisy had fallen in with the wrong crowd and was now part of an aggressive gang that roamed the countryside looking for horses to mug

And more. . .
BFTF mentioned the forthcoming series of science lectures at Nottingham University to Perwaise was delighted to find that he was absolutely up for asking some of the GSCE tutorial students at the centre whether they would like to go to the "Story of the Space Shuttle" lecture scheduled for January 12th. BFTF really hopes that this intention becomes reality and that some young people get the chance to experience a University atmosphere and here a talk from an expert in his/her field.

In the seventies, there was a government rule that all new University buildings had to have concrete or pebbledashed exteriors.

Still not done. . .
Following an interview with BFTF on Radio Dawn 107.6FM, Sharon Clancy (Head of the Communities Partnership Team at Nottingham University) has had some discussions with Perwaise about providing young people at BMCC with some presentations on why students have chosen their particualar careers. In addition, Perwaise and Sharon also discussed the possibility of providing placements for students at the centre. More details in the new year, inshallah.

BMCC, yesterday(ish)

It's all something of a contrast to what you read in the Daily Mail isn't it?

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