Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Interviews planned Dec 2010 - Feb 2011

Just a heads up for some forthcoming interviews on the Building For The Future Radio Show on Radio Dawn 107.6FM. All shows are on Wednesdays and start at about 5.15pm

21st Dec: Bosnia Trip with Perwaise Ayoub
Karimia Sport Co-ordinator and Youth Worker Perwaise will be discussing the trip he and others made to Bosnia. This should be a fascinating talk, giving a picture of what life is like there today.

18th Jan: Ethical Trading Initiative with Julia Hawkins
A previous guest on the show (see here) Julia will be giving an update on what the ETI had been doing. Click here to see the kind of ground that we will be covering, inshallah.

25th Jan: Combating gang culture with Morris Samuels
Dismayed by the gang violence he was seeing in his home city of Nottingham, Morris decided that something needed to be done. So he set up a football team that brought together members of the different gangs whilst also providing them a compulsory classroom session (covering topics ranging from Maths and English to Drugs and Domestic Violence) before each game. In this interview, Morris will be talking about why he put so much effort into his community and what problems to had to overcome to bring plans into reality. You can click here to read the article that provoked this interview.

8th Feb: Astronomy with Chris Lintott
Dr Lintott is an astrophysicist involved with a number of popular science projects and is also co-presenter of Patrick Moore's BBC series The Sky at Night.
BFTF heard Dr Lintott give a public lecture at Nottingham University (which you can find out more about by clicking here) and was impressed by just how much astronomical work is being done around the world.
Dr Lintott has been kind enough to agree to have a chat on Radio Dawn, hopefully covering topics ranging from Star Formation to ExtraSolar planets and Dark Matter. No need to panic, it will all be painless !

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