Friday, 18 November 2011

Gettting excited about engineering

A very interesting interview in the Engineer Magazine with Prof Moshe Kam, the president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Prof Kam comments on how the decrease in interest of young people in an engineering career is a big worry, pointing out that there is no shortage of engineering students developing countries such as China and India - while a decline in interest is being seen in North America and Western Europe.

This Tram didn't design and manufacture itself you know

Prof Kam feels that much of the blame for this lies with the failure of engineering educators to inspire. A significant cause of this is the lack of people with science and engineering backgrounds in the pre-university education administration. Commenting on the fact that the pre-university educational establishment "are almost totally disconnected" from science and engineering, Prof Kam says that "if I had one dollar to invest and you asked me where to put it, it is here."

Aircraft are an absolute engineer-fest

In an effort to provide a more enticing view of engineering careers, the IEEE has teamed up with IBM to produce a website called Try Engineering to try and explain what engineers actually do.

Engineers needed to design, develop and manufacturing this too. . .

The website really is a fascinating read, and very inspirational. It is only a shame that this kind of positve message about technology and engineering is so lacking in the mainstream media.

In particular, check out the sections on Engineering Areas, Engineering Technology Areas and the "Life of an Engineer" sections. . .

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