Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Commenting on Notts Budget Proposals

Nottingham City Council is in the process of setting its 2012/13 budget at the moment and is asking for comments from the public and from community organisations. Based on the feedback from a similar excersise last year, the council is trying to protect the following areas :

- Support for vulnerable people
- Anti-crime measures
- Street Cleansing
- Child Protection

BFTF attended a local public consultation meeting regarding the 2012/13 budget proposals. It was really interesting to hear a councillor - who was clearly very passionate about ensuring the best for the city - describe the funding pressures that the council is under.

Try the Budget Simulator and show the Council where they are going wrong. . .

BFTF felt that this was an opportunity for the Muslim community - particularly its mosques and community centres - to positively contribute towards steering the focus of the council. So, after completing the survey, BFTF sent the following email to local masjids . . .

Nottingham City Council are canvassing for comments of the 2012/2013 budget proposal. If you wish to participate in this as a Muslim organisation you can do so here, and background information can be found here.Aside from it being the right thing to do, participating in the survey (and telling your congregations what you are doing) would have the following benefits:

1) Showing the council that the Muslim community can play a positive role in shaping policy

2) Showing, by example, to the Muslim community that providing a "critical friend" role to local government is part of being a British Muslim citizen

3) Showing the wider society that the Muslim community can work postively on issues that are not related to narrow self-interests.

This is, for example, an opportunity to tell the council that you want them to ensure that care for the elderly is of the highest quality and well funded.

Or, perhaps, that you want them to ensure that library opening hours are not cut.
Incidentally, the council has a budget simulator here - why not have a go and see if you can do better than the council!

Dear reader, you may wish to ask your local masjid to participate in some aspect of local governence, if so, it would be great to hear to see how you get on. . .

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