Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Lesson on Ego

BFTF listended to a very interesting lecture by an American Imam recently.

He described how some young Muslims took a journey that resulted in them ending up with a single teacher (imam, website, blog, whatever) and a very rigid, tough mindset.These youngsters become frustrated with those around them who do not have the same understanding of Islam as they do. They make it a point to tell those around them that they are wrong. The youth think that they are commanding the good and forbidding the evil, doing a good thing.

What is really happening is that, often without the person realising it, they are telling people their religious opinion in a show of expressing their superiority. So faith becomes a means by which you promote your own ego. This is particularly ironic as a key teaching of Islam (and indeed all faiths) is to encourage humbleness.

The Imam described how when the youth became involved in heated theological debates, the root of the problem was not really a religious one, but rather one of ego.

Another example of how ego can manifest itself is how give counsel to those who have messed up. Saying to them in public "By the way bro, you are pretty messed up but may God forgive you. I'll pray for you" is not sincere, it's a show of arrogance. If you were really sincere, you would pray for them in private.

The lecture has certainly given BFTF cause to pause and reflect, and BFTF hopes that this very short summary will be of use to you, dear reader.

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