Friday, 9 September 2011

The Red Spot by Number Three Son

In an effort to encourage Number Three Son (who is currently in Year 4) to improve his English Skills, BFTF told him that if he wrote a few sentences on a topic of his choice it could go on this blog. As a bit of a space buff, he decided to write about the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. Here is what he had to say. . .

"The Great Red Spot is very big and you could fit three Earths in it. There is gas in the Red Spot it reacts with sunlight and turns to phosphorous. The Red Spot has lasted three hundred years. If you want to take a photo of the Red Spot use a spacecraft because you will be closer."

I know, it's naked nepotism. So sue me.

Number Three Son got his information from this book

And you can find some spiffing images of Jupiter here and, in more detail, here at NASA.

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  1. Brilliant - this and the MSC certified fish finger blog are now officially my favourites! :)