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Recipe - Easy Mackerel Curry

Whilst the rest of this blog is, admittedly, a bit "do-gooder", the recipes section is here for a very different reason - BFTF appears to be utterly incapable of keeping track of the recipes that it has tried, especially the ones that seemed to work. So putting them here will hopefully ensure that BFTF can find them when required.

I suppose you could call it a "MegaHertz Menu". . .

Easy Mackerel Curry

Sadly, BFTF is too incompetent to cook lamb or mutton successfully, and feels uneasy about the conditions that chickens are reared in so shies away from that as a dish. As dal is also beyond BFTF's abilities that leaves fish as the only protein source that BFTF dare tackle (no pun intended).

Overfishing is a real issue worldwide, but one way can ensure you are buying fish that has been sustainably caught by buying products that are either Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified.

There are a number of posts on this blog relating to Fish and sustainability (see here and here).

With MSC certified mackerel being available in most supermarkets, this dish is an easy one to make

240g mackerel fillets in tomato sauce (i.e. two of the small rectangular "ring pull" cans)
1 chopped onion
200g peas or mixed veg
salt, pepper,
a little oil

Boil the peas/mixed veg for 4-6mins (NB you really don't need to add much water at all and less water equals less time to get to the boil)

Get the mackerel out of the cans and onto a plate, chop up the fillets a little

Fry the onion in the oil until nicely browned. While this is happening, drain the peas/mixed veg)

Once the onions are brown, add the mackerel and the peas/mixed veg. Give it a quick stir to calm things down.

Add the salt and pepper, give it a good mix.


Perhaps surprisingly, this dish makes a great sandwich filling and also goes well with Potato Dauphinoise

The dish rates as "EASY" on the BFTF Washing Up Index

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